Saturday, February 22, 2014

4 month and 5 month

Since I haven't posted anything in quite awhile this post is just going to have lots of pictures.  I will try to give a more detailed update with her 6 month pictures in a few days.
December 23rd

December 24th Christmas Eve
December 28th Kaysleigh's baptism

Stella and Kaysleigh at their baptism.
January 17th

January 23rd
Kaysleigh is 5 months.

January 24th


January 28th
Snow Day

January 30
5 month pictures about a week late


Thursday, January 16, 2014

3 months

So it's harder to keep up with a blog then I thought it would be.  Every time I get Kaysleigh down for a nap I barely have time to do dishes, take care of the dogs, and then she's up.  I've been working on this post for a month. Considering she is gonna be 5 months next week I'm gonna go ahead and post this. I will try to write more next time.

Oct 23- Step 23
This month Kaysleigh didn't have a doctors appointment so I'm not sure exactly how much she weighs but it's about 11 lbs.  She seems like she is getting so big.  Kaysleigh is such a happy baby she smiles and talks all the time.  She is extremely easy going.  At moms group Kaysleigh is starting to notice and smile at the other babies. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

2 months

This is a little late but here is Kaysleigh's 2 month update.

Since Kaysleigh's 1 month appointment she had an ultrasound done on her hip. Everything looked fine.  She has no problems with her hip.  Kaysleigh did great for the ultrasound too.  She slept the whole time and didn't mind the tech moving her around to look at what they needed.  At her 2 monthe appointment she weighed 9lb 1oz and 21 and 1/2 in long.  She is still in the 10% for weight and down to the 20% for height.  Everything else went great.  She even did pretty well with the shots.  We went ahead and gave her Tylenol right after the shots since got a temperature last time.  After that she slept most of the day.

Kaysleigh is a very smiley baby. She has even laughed a few times. She is starting to bat at toys and I can tell she can see farther now.  I've even caught her watching tv a few times. Kaysleigh started "talking" a lot this month.  It is so cute.

We got lucky with Kaysleigh she is a great sleeper.  During the night she usually only wakes up once.  During the day we don't have a set nap schedule yet.  Kaysleigh just sleeps whenever she falls asleep.

Nursing is still going pretty good.  I wouldn't say we are pros yet though.  She usually eat about 6 times during the day and once during the night.

Kaysleigh loves playing in her bouncer and talking to the hanging lion.  She likes the dogs but we try not to let them get to close because they like to lick her face.  Kaysleigh still loves taking showers with Daddy.  She doesn't even mind the water getting in her face.

This month we have had lots of fun.  Kaysliegh got to take a trip to Hickory, NC where Eric was working out of town.  While there we went to visit my aunt and uncle, Big Joe and Brenda.  One weekend my mom and Nathan came to visit and we went to the NC State Fair.  One day when Eric was off work we went to a pumpkin patch. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

1 month

I can't believe it has already been a whole month.  Things have been going really good so far.  Kaysleigh has been such a happy baby. She has been such a blessing.

 Kaysleigh was off to a slow start with gaining weight but at her 1 mononth checkup we found out she is up a whole pound from her birth weight currently 7lbs 4ozs. She went from in the 1% to 10%.  Height she is still just under 50% at 21 in.  The doctor decided to schedule her for an ultrasound on her hip.  Since Kaysleigh was breech they want to make sure she doesn't have hip dysplasia.

Kaysleigh is so strong she was holding her head up before we even left the hospital.  At her 1 month appointment the doctor was very impressed with how active she is and that she rolled over with very little assistance.

So far Kaysleigh is a good sleeper.  For the most part she wakes up twice a night. One night she even slept the whole night. Hopefully she will keep sleeping good for us.

Eating has been going smoothly as well.  During the day she eats every 2 to 3 hours. At night it is 3 to 5 hrs. Hunger is one of the few times that Kaysleigh cries. 
So far she loves her rock and play rocker. One of her favorite things is to sleep swaddled.  We love using the Summer swaddleme.  Kaysleigh also loves tummy time and taking showers with Daddy.
This first month we have had lots of visitors.